Quick Answer: Why Did Kanye Ruin Taylors Speech?

When did Kanye West ruins Taylor Swift’s speech?

2009When Kanye West interrupted Tayor Swift during her acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs, the world of music and pop culture was forever changed..

What did Kanye do Taylor?

First came the notorious “I’mma let you finish” onstage at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, when Kanye West literally stole the microphone from the hands of emerging pop star Taylor Swift.

Has Kanye West apologized to Taylor Swift?

Later that night, Kanye posted a public apology to Taylor and all her fans on his blog: I’m sooooo sorry to taylor swift and her fans and her mom. I spoke to her mother right after and she said the same thing my mother would’ve said.

How old was Taylor Swift when Kanye jumped on the stage?

19But could things have been different? Ten years ago, Kanye West stormed the stage during the then 19-year-old Taylor Swift’s MTV VMAs acceptance speech and dropped the now-iconic “Imma let you finish” interruption: this you already know.

Who is better Taylor or Kanye?

While both Kanye West and Taylor Swift are exceptionally acclaimed artists with wide-reaching popularity, they each occupy a different musical genre and audience. Yet, comparing their respective sales, Taylor Swift far exceeds those of Kanye West, making her more popular in this respect.

Did Kanye West really make Taylor Swift famous?

No, Kanye West did not make Taylor Swift famous. Kanye West rudely stole the spotlight from Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA’s when she won the Best Female Video Award for her video, You Belong With Me.

Is Jay Z still friends with Kanye West?

Back in 2017, Jay-Z told the New York Times that he still loves West despite things being complicated. “It’s a complicated relationship with us because Kanye came into this business on my label, so I’ve always been like his big brother,” he said.

Why does Kanye ruin Taylor’s speech?

At the MTV Video Music Awards on September 13, 2009, Kanye West stole the mic from country pop singer Taylor Swift just as she was set to make her Best Female Video acceptance speech. … Many saw the move as an example of West’s arrogance.

What happened between Taylor and Kanye?

An infamous phone call between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, which triggered a long-running feud, has leaked online. … The two musicians have had a stormy relationship since 2009, when West interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech for best female video at the MTV Music Awards.

What song did Taylor Swift wrote about Kanye?

Look What You Made Me DoHer first single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” didn’t call out West by name, but it did feature many allusions to him. The whole first verse is thought to be about West, from the “tilted stage” from his Saint Pablo Tour to the way he laughs during their 2016 phone call leaked by his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

Is innocent about Kanye West?

Written by Swift in response to Kanye West’s interruption of her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, the song is Swift’s confession to West, claiming that he was “innocent” despite the public outrage after the controversy.

How old is Taylor Swift net worth?

Taylor Swift’s Net Worth 2021, Age, Height, Boyfriend, ParentsNet Worth in 2021$400 MillionBirthdayDecember 13, 1989Age in 202131 years oldOccupationSinger, Songwriter, Philanthropist, Actress,Sun SignSagittarius4 more rows