Quick Answer: Who Is Akshay Vlogger?

Who is Akshay blogger?

Hi, I’m Akshay the founder of BloggingX and InfoSparkle.

I’m a professional blogger, YouTuber, digital marketer, and a trainer.

I help businesses, especially B2B on leveraging blogging and content marketing to growth hack their online presence.

I’ve been in this industry since 2013 (started out as a hobby blogger)..

How old is Akshay Vlogger?

19 yearsAkshay Vlogger Profile:Personal InfoStage NameAkshay VloggerBirthdayJune 21, 2001Age19 years (As in 2021)GenderMale20 more rows

Who is the King of YouTube?

PewDiePieFelix Kjellberg, more commonly known as PewDiePie has been the most subscribed YouTube channel since 2013. He is a Swedish YouTuber and individually creates, edits, and publishes all of his content.

Who is the richest YouTuber in Kerala?

Karikku with 4.39 million subscribers leads as the top YouTuber in Kerala. Nikhil Prasad is the founder of this YouTube channel.

Who is the most famous Filipino YouTuber?

As of January 2021, the most popular YouTube channel in the Philippines was Raffy Tulfo in Action channel with approximately 18.4 million subscribers.

Who has more fans in Kerala?

VijayIn a recent TV debate show, the motormouth MLA went on to claim that Vijay enjoys more number of fans in Kerala than Mollywood’s reigning stars.

Who Is Highest Paid YouTuber in India?

Here is the list of top 10 highest paid Youtubers of 2020 as compiled by Forbes.1 Jeffree Star. 1.1 Total Subscribers: 16.9 million.2 David Dobrik. 2.1 Subscribers: 18 million.3 Blippi (Stevin John) … 4 Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya) … 5 Preston Arsement. … 6 Markiplier (Mark Fischbach)7 Rhett and Link. … 8 Dude Perfect.More items…•Dec 20, 2020

Who is the No 1 vlogger in India?

Amit Bhadana: Has over 20.5 million subscribers Amit was first in India to get 20 million YouTube subscribers.

Who is the best vlogger in Kerala?

Top 10 Influencers / Vloggers / Youtubers in KeralaSujith Bhakthan. Channel: Tech Travel Eat by Sujith Bhakthan. … Ebadu Rahman Tech. Channel: Ebadu Rahman Tech. … Jinsha Basheer. Channel: Jinsha Basheer. … Ebbin Jose. Channel: Food N Travel. … Anit Thomas. Channel: LiveKerala. … Annie Yujin. Channel: Tips For Happy Life. … Ratheesh R. Menon. … Kicha (Nihal Raj)More items…

How many subscribers do I need to get paid?

Now what? According to the YouTube Partner Program requirements, you need at least 1,000 subscribers to be eligible to monetize your account through their program.

Who is the richest YouTuber?

Ryan KajiNet worth: $50 million Ryan Kaji (centre) is not only one of the richest YouTube stars but also one of the youngest. He was only four years old when he began starring in videos on his own YouTube channel, which also features his parents and sisters.

Who is the richest Filipino YouTuber?

Each one on this list of the Top 10 Highest-Paid Pinoy YouTubers has them, including Edgar Dumali (4.5 million) and JaMill (11 million). Ranz Kyle, who’s No. 2 to Tulfo’s 13.7 million subscribers, has 12.5 million subscribers, followed by GMA Public Affairs (11.6 million), Niana Guerrero (11.4 million) and JaMill.

Who are the top 3 Youtubers?

These are the top 26 YouTube personalities with the most subscribers:MrBeast — 51.6 million subscribers. … Dude Perfect — 54.9 million subscribers. … Vlad and Niki — 61.5 million subscribers. … Like Nastya — 67.9 million subscribers. … Kids Diana Show — 73.2 million subscribers. … PewDiePie — 108 million subscribers.More items…•Jan 26, 2021

Who is M4 Tech?

Jio Joseph is a full time YouTuber. His channel ‘M4 Tech’ became a YouTube hit after airing DIY (Do It Yourself) videos. It has around 8 lakh subscribers. He started the channel while working on his Diploma studies.

Who is the number 1 Vlogger?

Carry Minati is the most popular YouTuber in India with 21.3 million subscribers followed by Amit Bhadana who has 20.5 million subscribers and Ashish Chanchlani who has 18.6 million subscribers.

Who is the richest vlogger in India?

Bhuvan BamBhuvan Bam Bhuvan Bam is the richest YouTuber in India as things stand now, and through his Channel – BB ki vines, has been able to grow to the extent of making over $120K each month.