Quick Answer: Should I Give Andre The Divine Ember?

Where do you get the magic ember in Dark Souls?

Large Magic Ember Location The Duke’s Archives.

After defeating Seath the Scaleless, return to the archives where you first confronted Seath and open the chest in the middle of the room..

Where is the magic Ember Dark Souls?

This ember is located inside The Duke’s Archives, in the room where you first fight Seath. After defeating him the second time, return to the Duke’s Archives and go back to the room where Seath killed you. There will be a chest in this room containing the ember.

What happens if you give the blacksmith a divine ember?

Divine Ember Usage Given to Blacksmith Andre to allow him to ascend a +5 standard weapon to a divine weapon. This divine weapon can then be upgraded to an additional +5.

Should I give Andre the dark ember?

Yes give the ember. Any other blacksmiths in the game will have access to it afterwards.

Does it matter which blacksmith I give embers to?

You can only give certain embers to certain smiths. They won’t take the ember if they cant use it. The embers can only go to one blacksmith. The others won’t take it if they can’t use it.

Should I kill Priscilla?

Attacking and killing Priscilla is counted as a sin, but it can be absolved. If you keep her alive, you will have an area that will always allow you to be invaded in. If you want to obtain all rare weapons, you’ll have to kill her, for her unique soul as well as for the dagger dropped when cutting her tail off.

What does Divine Ember do?

The Divine Ember is a weapon-enhancement tool in Dark Souls. Ember required for weapon ascension. Divine embers are property of the church, and intended for divine blacksmiths. Divine weapons are for Undead hunting.

Who do I give the dark ember to?

Blacksmith AndreDark Ember Usage Given to Blacksmith Andre to modify +5 Divine weapons into Occult weapons. Can be given to Andre at any time.

Where do you get the special ember in Dark Souls?

Initial UpgradesNameAvailabilitySpecial noteEnchanted EmberDarkroot GardenGiven to Rickert of VinheimLarge Magic EmberThe Duke’s ArchivesGiven to Rickert of VinheimCrystal EmberThe Duke’s ArchivesGiven to Giant BlacksmithChaos Flame EmberDemon RuinsGiven to Vamos6 more rows•Jul 30, 2016

Should I give ember to Blacksmith Dark Souls?

You should give an ember to any blacksmith who asks for it. Only one blacksmith of the four can use each ember and that is the only way to allow yourself to craft all the strongest weapons.

Where is the very large ember?

New Londo RuinsVery Large Ember Location New Londo Ruins. After lowering the water level, go up the staircase found in a corner of the room with all the wooden cubicles (the building was perhaps once a hospital). The ember is located in a chest on the third floor.

Who do I give the Large Divine Ember to?

Andre of AstoraGiving the Large Divine Ember to Andre of Astora allows him to further ascend divine weapons from +5 to +6, allowing for further divine weapon reinforcement from +6 to +10 (the highest).