Quick Answer: Should I Change My Artist Name?

How do I choose a good artist name?

Tips On How To Choose Your Artist NameGoogle your artist name first.Your name should be original.Don’t call yourself the thing that you DO.Your artist name probably shouldn’t have parentheses or a colon.Be careful with funky spellings.Limit the number of monikers you use.Know your brand, and match it to your name.More items…•Mar 21, 2018.

Does your artist name matter?

The name of an artist — outside of the music — is perhaps the most important part of their identity. The name that those unfamiliar with them hear first when being put on to them; that will be attached to any and everything they do; that will stick with people beyond all else.

Can two artist have the same name?

Streaming services sometimes group artists together who have the same (or similar) names, or create a new artist page instead of using your existing page. … In the world of actors, for example, no two actors are allowed to have the same name as each other and both belong to SAG (the actors union).

(Note: It costs $275-$325 per class as a fee to the United States Patent and Trademark Office and anywhere from $600 to $1000 for an attorney to create the application. If you choose another class later, you will need another application and fee, so try to do your classes all at once).

Who is the most well known artist?

Pablo PicassoFamous Artists: Top 30 Artist SearchesRankArtistMindshare Index (Picasso = 100)1Pablo Picasso1002Vincent van Gogh773Leonardo da Vinci654Claude Monet5626 more rows

Are artist names copyrighted?

To prevent others from using your name for any reason, including merchandise, you should register it as a trademark. Once your name is trademarked, you can file suit against others who are using the name without your permission. … If you are a single artist, then you will own the trademark.

What is it called when an artist uses a fake name?

A pen name, or “nom de plume” (French for “pen name”), is a pseudonym (sometimes a particular form of the real name) adopted by an author (or on the author’s behalf by their publishers). … Some female authors used male pen names, in particular in the 19th century, when writing was a male-dominated profession.

Can two music artists have the same name?

There is nothing illegal about two companies or bands or individuals having the same name. … There is a trademark office where you can register trademarks such as names and logos.

Should you use your real name as an artist?

It’s not a decision to be made lightly – your name is your brand when you are an artist. If you are convinced that your given name just doesn’t cut it, however, a name change may be just the right strategy.

Do celebrities call each other by their real names?

The simple answer is yes, for the most part. However, as you know when you have nicknames, over time the idea of actually getting your name like you want is important. So for fans the name is the label that is always always called your “stage name” and then the other name would be your “given name.”

What singers have changed their names?

10 Musicians Who’ve Changed Their Names Midway Through Their CareersPrince / The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. (Photo: Getty Images) … Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam. … Puff Daddy / P. … Snoop Dogg / Snoop Lion. … Terence Trent D’Arby / Sananda Maitreya. … J. … Mos Def / Yasiin Bey. … Davy Jones / David Bowie.More items…

Why do artist change their name?

A performer will often take a stage name because their real name is considered unattractive, dull, or unintentionally amusing; projects an undesired image; is difficult to pronounce or spell; or is already being used by another notable individual, including names that are not exactly the same but still too similar.

Why are artists called by so many names?

The main reason some artists are known by either their first name, last name, or a nickname is that it makes it easier to speak about them. … The main reason some artists are known by either their first name, last name, or a nickname is that it makes it easier to speak about them.

Who are the biggest artists right now?

Drake. Song Streams 119.5M. Song Streams 119.5M. … Justin Bieber. Created with Sketch. Song Streams 115.4M. … Taylor Swift. Created with Sketch. … Juice Wrld. Created with Sketch. … Morgan Wallen. Created with Sketch. … YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Created with Sketch. … Lil Baby. Created with Sketch. … The Weeknd. Created with Sketch.More items…

If you decide to use a stage name for your young actor, here are some things to know: You do not have to change their name legally. … Standard contracts for actors have a line for “professional name” as well as legal name. The stage name should be listed on the work permit.