Quick Answer: Can Divine Weapons Hit Ghosts?

Can Astora’s straight sword kill ghosts?

User Info: dark kampfer Or you could grab Astora’s Straight Sword from valley of the drakes.

That sword doesn’t hurt ghosts.

It does keep skeletons from being revived by necromancers though, but any divine weapon will do that..

Is Astora straight sword still good?

No. It used to be the best straight sword for raw infusion, but now it has barely any niche. To be clear, that still puts it head and shoulders ahead of a ton of weapons just because a mediocre straight sword is still a straight sword. Raw ASS is still good, just not in the usual ways.

Where do I go after the four kings?

The Duke’s archives (located in Anor Londo), the Catacombs (Near the firelink shrine), or the Demon Ruins (near Qwelaag’s lair).

Where is the very large ember?

New Londo RuinsVery Large Ember Location New Londo Ruins. After lowering the water level, go up the staircase found in a corner of the room with all the wooden cubicles (the building was perhaps once a hospital). The ember is located in a chest on the third floor.

Can occult weapons kill skeletons?

Because they lack the Divine auxiliary effect, Occult weapons cannot be used to permanently kill skeletons found in The Catacombs and the Tomb of the Giants.

What weapons can hit ghosts in Dark Souls?

Use only the cursed weapons: Ghost Blade, Jagged Ghost Blade or Greatsword of Artorias (cursed). Note that the ghosts attacks also goes straight through normal shields and armor when you are uncursed, so you might as well fight naked.

Should I kill Ingward?

User Info: Tsukoyomi1. Ingward is possibly the most useless NPC in the game. Just buy his spell if you want it and kill him, it has absolutely no consequence on anything.

How do you Unflood in New Londo?

To drain the water from New Londo Ruins, you will need to obtain the Key to the Seal to open the door to the lever. One method of getting the key is to wait until you acquire the Lordvessel; once you have it, talk to Ingward, and he will give you the key.

Is Astora’s straight sword worth upgrading?

The normal BK sword is more readily usable than the greatsword (requires far less strength to use), and both have identical stats (… … But just as you shouldn’t really bother upgrading the Drake Sword, fully upgrading Astora’s is probably not worth it.

What’s the Best Divine weapon in Dark Souls?

Divine scales with Faith, but I would suggest just going with a divine shield. As long as you have it equip when killing the skeletons they will stop respawning. But +10 Claymore or straight sword is better for a mix of Strength and dex than a katana.

Do ghosts in New Londo Respawn?

They work like regular enemies. Set spawn locations and respawn when you rest at a bonfire or die.

Which is better Greatsword of artorias or cursed?

While the Cursed variant of the Greatsword of Artorias does not scale as well or do as much damage as the uncursed version in late game, it does benefit from having lower stat requirements, as well as having the rare curse effect, which allows it to hit the Ghosts of the New Londo Ruins.

Is SIF optional?

This is not true and the only way to progress in the game is to kill Sif; it is not an optional boss. Your dealings with Sif have no impact on the Forest Hunter covenant.

Is there a bonfire in New Londo Ruins?

There is no bonfire in the area and it serves as the gateway to The Abyss, once you lower the water level. Upper New Londo Ruins can be accessed immediately upon your arrival at the Firelink Shrine but it’s advised to wait until you need to kill its boss before you venture in too far.

Are divine weapons worth it?

It’s worth it to have a divine weapon just for the skeletons around Nito himself, so they don’t respawn while you’re fighting him. If you’re going to get one then, you might as well get one for the skeletons in the crypt as well.

How do you hit ghosts in New Londo?

You have to be cursed in order to fight them. Either get cursed and go there or use that transient curse dealy.

What do Divine weapons do?

Divine weapons are used for hunting the Undead. When fully upgraded, they are said to be as powerful as the weapons of the Gods. Weapons that are innately imbued are blessed, and are very effective against the Dark. The Way of White utilizes divine weapons as they aim to rid the land of Undead.

How do you fight the four kings?

The strategy is simple:Apply Iron Flesh, approach the Kings and strafe as close as you can, and just aggressively attack with a two-handed weapon. … Make sure you have Estus Flask +2 or +3 so you can fully heal in one go, and stay as close to them as possible.More items…•Mar 6, 2021

Who are the 4 Kings?

It was the French card-makers in the late 16th century who standardized the suits of spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs and designated the four kings as David, Alexander, Charlemagne, and Augustus.

Are the four kings hard?

But they are not hard. Hell you can find people doing them on NG+ Caestus no damage. … They’re much harder on NG+. Also often you can get lucky with positioning and they won’t spam their projectile, AoE, and grab attacks, which are their most dangerous becuase they waste time, allowing more to spawn.