Question: Who Was Michael B Jordan Dating?

Is Michael B Jordan dating Steve Harvey’s daughter?

Jordan went public with their relationship last month.

Earlier this year, Steve Harvey’s daughter Lori and actor Michael B.

Jordan went public with their relationship.

Now, the comedian and game show host is sharing what he really thinks of the love match..

Is Michael B Jordan married 2020?

MICHAEL B Jordan, honored as Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine, is not married. The actor has appeared in such films as Just Mercy, Fruitvale Station, Creed and Black Panther.

Who is Michael Jordan’s wife?

Yvette Prietom. 2013Juanita Vanoym. 1989–2006Michael Jordan/Wife

Who are Michael Jordan’s kids?

Jasmine M. JordanJeffrey Michael JordanMarcus JordanYsabel JordanVictoria JordanMichael Jordan/Children

What is Michael Jordan’s sons name?

Jeffrey Michael JordanMarcus JordanMichael Jordan/Sons

How did Michael B Jordan meet Lori Harvey?

After revealing he was single and looking in a mid-year interview with People, Jordan met Lori Harvey, the 24-year-old daughter of American TV presenter Steve Harvey. … Then, just a few days later, Jordan posted yet another couple’s photo and video to celebrate his girlfriend’s 24th birthday.

What is Michael B Jordan net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jordan is worth $25 million dollars and considering he has some acting projects in the works, we can only expect that number to increase over time. While Jordan’s net worth is impressive, it can’t hold a candle to Steve’s. Lori’s father is worth a staggering $200 million.

Is Michael B Jordan in a relationship?

Jordan has been dating Lori Harvey since late 2020 [AP News]. But that has seemingly changed now that he is dating model Lori Harvey! … The two were spotted out in November 2020, seemingly spending Thanksgiving together after Lori’s split from rapper Future.

Who’s Michael B Jordan’s dad?

Michael A. JordanMichael Bakari Jordan was born on February 9, 1987, in Santa Ana, California, to Donna and Michael A. Jordan. He has a sister, Jamila, and a younger brother, Khalid, who in 2010 signed to be a football player at Howard University. Jordan’s family spent two years in California before moving to Newark, New Jersey.

How many guys has Lori Harvey dated?

Dating History 8#PartnerLength4Trey Songz4 months3Future2 years2Justin Combs2 months1Memphis Depay2 years4 more rows