Question: What Level Do Stone Gauntlets Drop?

Can monks get stone gauntlets?

Stone gauntlets were not part of the smart loot for monks..

How do you get necromancer stone gauntlets?

Party up with a barb/crusader and ask for any Stone Gauntlets that drop. Alternatively, if you just need them to go in the cube, get a barb/crusader levelled to 31 and then gamble gloves. They are the only gloves in the pool at level 31, so it will be very easy to get them, 88% chance on 500 shards.

How do you get the stone gauntlets in Demon Hunter?

It is possible for them to drop for non-strength classes, but that is extremely rare. The easiest way for a non-strength class to get stone guantlets is to simply craft some level 70 yellow gloves at the blacksmith and then upgrade it in the cube with a leveled up crusader or barbarian.

Can you get stone gauntlets from kadala?

Stone Gauntlets in particular are easy to get, at least if you just want to put them in the cube. If you level a Barbarian or Crusader to level 31-33 they will be the only gloves you can get from Kadala. … But much rarer than any other gloves.

Why are there stone gauntlets?

Getting hit increases your armor by 50%, but reduces your movement speed by 15% and attack speed by 20%. This effect stacks up to 5 times.