Question: How Long Does It Take To Platinum Persona 5 Royal?

Is Persona 5 Royal easy?

If you know what’s coming and know how the system works, then yes, the game is pretty easy.

If you use DLC personas and/or accessories, it can be silly easy.

But if you don’t do the DLC stuff, it can still present a challenge especially if you’re playing it blind or following the guide on the site..

Does Persona 5 Royal have new trophies?

Together with the answer, Morgana published a new Persona 5 Royal screenshot showing a battle in the first dungeon. The trophy earned is one of the new trophies, which I’d translate to”Let’s Get Wild (And Tough)”, and which probably involves shooting a lot of times in the same battle to unlock.

How do you beat the Reaper in Persona 5 Royal?

Don’t attempt to challenge him until you and your party are at least level 60. If you enter the fight any lower, you’ll be swiftly defeated. The Reaper doesn’t have any weaknesses, so make sure you fight them with party members that have had their confidants maxed out.

How do I order from the Maid Cafe Secret Menu?

This trophy involves getting the menu special at the maid café, which occurs on the next​ visit after spending a total of 20 000 Yen there. Normally you will be able to order which menu item you want to eat, so order the most expensive menu item which costs 5 000 Yen.

How many playthroughs do you need for platinum Persona 5 Royal?

While we won’t release the full trophy list here, we found it nice that it was possible to get the Platinum trophy in just one playthrough. Fans of the original may feel relieved that the task isn’t quite as daunting with this new release.

Does difficulty affect trophies Persona 5 Royal?

No, there are no difficulty-related Trophies in Persona 5. Every Trophy can be obtained while playing on any difficulty level. … We also have Best Ending Walkthrough, Confidants Guide, Exam Answers and Skill Level articles for the original Persona 5 game.

Does Persona 5 have trophies?

There is a total of 49 trophies in Persona 5. Earn all trophies.

How do you unlock the third semester in Persona 5 Royal?

In order to unlock the third semester, you must reach Rank 9 with Dr. Maruki (the Councillor confidant) before 11/17. Maruki is the part-time guidance counselor who begins showing up at Shujin Academy on 5/13. After unlocking his confidant on that same day, Joker can begin meeting with him after school to rank up.

How do you make Satanael?

Satanael Advanced Fusion RequirementsAcquire Arsene.Acquire Anzu. Track down Anzu in Futaba’s Palace.Complete Ann Takamaki’s Confidant (Lovers) Complete Ann Takamaki’s Lovers Confidant. … Acquire Michael Through Advanced Fusion (Justice, Level 87) … Complete the Judgement Confidant. … Complete the Star Confidant.Apr 28, 2020

How many trophies does Persona 5 Royal have?

There are 53 in total, where most of them are the same as in the original Persona 5. The trophies do not contain any spoilers for new narrative content in Persona 5 Royal, however many relate to new features and mechanics in the game.

Is Persona 5 Royal easy to platinum?

Persona 5 Royal has the PS4’s highest platinum completion rate among exclusive titles. … It’s worth noting that Persona 5 Royal isn’t the most-Platinumed game out there – plenty of indie games make it significantly easier to acquire the top prize.

How do you get the true ending in Persona 5 Royal?

How to Unlock the True Ending in Persona 5 RoyalAchieve Confidant rank 9 with Takuto Maruki by November 18.Achieve Confidant rank 8 with Goro Akechi by November 24.Achieve Confidant rank 5 with Kasumi Yoshizawa by December 18.Refuse all offers presented by the antagonist in the third semester.

How do I get the secret menu in Maid Cafe Persona 5 Royal?

The maid café is a location in Akihabara near the entrance where you can spend a time slot to gain kindness and charm along with some stamps used to access the special menu. Once you get 20 stamps and come back, you’ll get the trophy.

How long does it take to finish Persona 5 Royal?

130 hoursWhile the original Persona 5 ran a whopping 80~100 hours, Persona 5 Royal takes a good 110~130 hours to complete.

Is Persona 6 coming out?

But as per some piece of news Persona 6 Release Date is going to be in 2021. The RPG mechanics make Persona so great. Even to those who aren’t a fan of anime, Persona games will excite you, that is if you like games such as Final Fantasy or any other Japanese RPGs.

Can you platinum Persona 5 Royal in one playthrough?

Persona 5 Royal Optional Trophy Guide – For those that want to Platinum it. For those out there wanting to platinum the game, it is very easy compared to the original. … This can easily be achieved in one play through of the game.

What is the hardest boss in Persona 5 Royal?

Samael Shido1 Samael Shido The most challenging boss fight in Persona 5 Royal is this grudge match finally come to fruition. This boss fight is a long one, with Shido fighting in multiple forms.

Is Persona 5 Royal worth it if you have Persona 5?

Despite these complaints, if you really dug Persona 5, then you should absolutely love Persona 5 Royal, so I can give it a hearty recommend even if you’ve beaten the original. It’s especially worth it if you haven’t played the original begin with and are looking for a new RPG.