Can You Max Confidants After Shido Palace?

Does akechi alive in p5r?

Those who’ve played Royal will remember that in final palace ruler Maruki’s “ideal” reality, Akechi turned himself in to the authorities on Christmas Eve to save Joker from prison.

In the “real” world, Joker went to prison and everyone assumed Akechi had died in Shido’s palace..

Which confidants Should I max first?

TemperanceThe first recommended Confidant to max out is Temperance. It has a lot to do with activities concerning free time. Upon ranking up to level 3, it will allow you to avail two services from Kawakami.

Is Shido akechi’s dad?

Akechi is the illegitimate child of Masayoshi Shido, the same man responsible for the protagonist’s probation period.

What level should I be to fight Kaneshiro?

You’re expected to be around mid 20s once you hit the end of the 3rd palace. So theoretically, you should have been 20-21 once you started it.

How old is Joker persona?

161 Joker (Age: 16, Height: 5’9, Birthday: Unknown)

Can you beat Persona 5 without confidants?

FluxWaveZ. The game is not designed to have the player naturally max out all Confidants in a single playthrough. … It’s funny, too, because Persona 5 is by far the easiest game to max everything out without looking a guide up, compared to Persona 3 and Persona 4.

Is Goro akechi dead?

Is Goro Akechi Still Alive In Persona 5 Royal’s True Ending? … Eventually, it’s revealed that Maruki resurrected Akechi, who had, in fact, died during the infiltration of Shido’s palace, and that dismantling Maruki’s world would mean the demise of Akechi.

What is Goro akechi weak to?

CurseAkechi is resistant to Bless attacks, and is weak against Curse.

Does Joker die in Persona 5?

No, he does not. Near the end of the story, the phantom thieves plan an elaborate scheme to trick Akechi into thinking he murdered Joker in order to get Joker out of prison and save him from actually being murdered by Akechi.

Is there a time skip after Shido Palace?

Shido’s Palace can be finished in one day, and there are no timeskips after taking the treasure. The final day to do Confidants and Mementos sidequests is 12/22.

What level should you be for Shido’s Palace?

I’d recommend a party that’s at least around Level 63–65, but I had a fairly powerful Persona for my main character(a level 72+ Mara), as a result of finishing the Strength Confidant and shelling out the money to fuse a higher-level Persona, so that made things significantly easier.

Can you max all confidants in one playthrough Persona 5?

Maxing your confidants out in a single playthrough of Persona 5 is a difficult task. … Since social stats carry over into New Game Plus, maxing Confidants on a second playthrough is far easier. In a first playthrough, you must spend every possible moment either maxing your stats or working on a relationship.

What day does p5r end?

Achieve Confidant Rank 8 With Akechi by November 24 To see the true ending of Persona 5 Royal, you need to increase your standing with Goro Akechi to rank eight by the time of November 24.

Is Goro akechi evil?

After the Thieves defeat Akechi, Shido’s evil cognitive version of Akechi appears and reveals that Shido knew Akechi’s true identity from the start and has planned to kill him after the election. The Cognitive Akechi demands that the real Akechi shoot the protagonist to spare his own life.

Is it possible to max out all confidants in Persona 5 Royal?

You can still max out all Confidants without Luck Reading, but it makes things go a lot faster. Every day you can bring up your map to see if a Confidant is available on a specific day. This is great for Confidants who haven’t contacted you in a while but are still waiting to meet with you.

When can you steal Shidos hearts?

Infiltration. It’s time to infiltrate Shido’s Palace to find and steal his treasure! You can clear this Palace in one day, but make sure you enter no later than 12/15 so that you can send the calling card on 12/16 and steal his heart on 12/17.

Does Persona 5 ever end?

Persona 5 will end here, and you will not fight the final boss. Answering with “I refuse” will get you the true ending. That is all you have to do to guarantee that you get the true ending. The final boss fight is not for the faint of heart, a true trickster can take it down.

Is Shido Futaba’s father?

Shido is Futaba’s father confirmeD – Persona 5.